Category: Racism

Irish or Chinese?

Jenny: Nana, this is my good friend Kathleen. Nana: Ohh, that’s a good strong Irish name, are you Irish? Kathleen: Me? No, haha, I’m Chinese Nana: Ohh! Have you met Chinese Mark?

Chinese God

Nana: “There’s that Chinese church!” JT: “Yeah Nana, they are Christians too, just like you.” Nana: “I wonder, does their God look Chinese?” There is a long pause. After a minute of pensive reflection… Nana: “He must.”

Some people call them luxury seats…

[While showing photos from games at Fenway Park and the Boston Garden] PD: “Here’s a picture of where we sat at a Celtics game. It was the very last row at the top.” Nana: “We used to call that [racial slur] heaven.”

Made with Paint

Nana: “Kristian! Johnny said this was your gum!” KT: “No, that’s not mine, but I’ll take it…” Nana: “No you won’t! It’s Chinese, it probably has lead in it!”