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Sheet happens

Nana: “Take Kristian’s sheet over to the house.” NT: “His what?” Nana: “His sheet.” NT: “His what?” Nana: “His sheet! S-H-I-T sheet!”

Die Hard 5: Straighten Up and Die Right

Nana: “I don’t want to be one of those hunched over old crabs. I used to see them when I was younger and I’d think of that song ‘straighten up and die right.’” KT: “I thought it was ‘straighten up and fly right’?” Nana: “Ohhh… that does make more sense.”

Made with Paint

Nana: “Kristian! Johnny said this was your gum!” KT: “No, that’s not mine, but I’ll take it…” Nana: “No you won’t! It’s Chinese, it probably has lead in it!”

Wear and Tear

KT: “[blah blah blah, BPA, Maine constitution, blah blah, law blah blah]!!” Nana: “Don’t wear your brain out!”