Category: Food

Don’t eat cheap sushi

Nana: “What’d you have for lunch?” MT: “I got some sushi. I’ve been eating a lot of it lately.” Nana: “Can’t you afford some real food? Oh dear, let me get you some money.”

What kind of job?

Nana: “Does Ashley have to go to a school tomorrow?” JT: “She’s not sure yet, they call her in the morning.” Nana: “What kind of a job is that? How can you plan your day? We need to go to breakfast!”

Ulterior Motive

Nana: “The only reason I invited you to lunch is because I didn’t think I’d make it if I walked.”

Cookie soup

MT: “Boy, that soup was filling. I’m stuffed. Nana, can you finish it?” Nana: “No…but I’ve got some cookies!”

Age is relative

Nana: “That lady looks older than me. She shouldn’t be out to breakfast, she should be home eating an English muffin.”