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Give a hoot, comrade. Don’t pollute.

In the late 1980s, someone called to conduct a survey for a school project and asks what should be done about the pollution problem.
Nana: “Blow it all to Russia!” *hangs up*

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JT: “Jimmy has so many letters after his name, he can’t fit his phone number or e-mail on his business card.”
Nana: “Well I wish they’d [sic] shave; he looks like …overseas.”

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Stickers for Grandchildren…Even in College!

Nana: “Do you have any crepe paper streamers for your report card? I just had stickers.”

After Nana puts this report card away, she finds it again and thinks it’s a new report card every semester.

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Home Abroad

Nana: “If you leave you’ll never come back. Just study abroad right here.”

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Wear and Tear

KT: “[blah blah blah, BPA, Maine constitution, blah blah, law blah blah]!!”
Nana: “Don’t wear your brain out!”

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