Category: MT

Don’t eat cheap sushi

Nana: “What’d you have for lunch?” MT: “I got some sushi. I’ve been eating a lot of it lately.” Nana: “Can’t you afford some real food? Oh dear, let me get you some money.”

The Turtle and the Russian

MT: [lists all the John Thomases and Thomas Johns] Nana: “…and I got one that’s somethin’ to do with a turtle. And a Russian. Svet Svet Svet. It’s SVETlana.”

Stuff My Siri Says

Showing Nana Siri… MT: “Nana watch this. Siri, I need to poop.” Siri: “I’m sorry, I don’t see any public bathrooms near you.” Nana: “OH! Mary that’s terrible… Do that again.”

Cookie soup

MT: “Boy, that soup was filling. I’m stuffed. Nana, can you finish it?” Nana: “No…but I’ve got some cookies!”