Category: Family

Hang-ups on cruising

Nana to Chooch regarding her upcoming cruise… Nana: “You heard what happened to that cruise ship in Italy and you’re still goin’? I’d rather be hung.”

Chinese God

Nana: “There’s that Chinese church!” JT: “Yeah Nana, they are Christians too, just like you.” Nana: “I wonder, does their God look Chinese?” There is a long pause. After a minute of pensive reflection… Nana: “He must.”

He may need to see The Doctor…

Nana: “Did you see Pat’s T-shirt with the guy running out of the outhouse?” NT: “That’s not an outhouse! It’s a phone box.” Nana: “It doesn’t look like he just finished a phone call. It looks like he saw somebody in there.”

Sheet happens

Nana: “Take Kristian’s sheet over to the house.” NT: “His what?” Nana: “His sheet.” NT: “His what?” Nana: “His sheet! S-H-I-T sheet!”

Cookie soup

MT: “Boy, that soup was filling. I’m stuffed. Nana, can you finish it?” Nana: “No…but I’ve got some cookies!”


JT: “Jimmy has so many letters after his name, he can’t fit his phone number or e-mail on his business card.” Nana: “Well I wish they’d [sic] shave; he looks like …overseas.”

Die Hard 5: Straighten Up and Die Right

Nana: “I don’t want to be one of those hunched over old crabs. I used to see them when I was younger and I’d think of that song ‘straighten up and die right.’” KT: “I thought it was ‘straighten up and fly right’?” Nana: “Ohhh… that does make more sense.”