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Outlasting their usefulness

After being treated for breast cancer and a hysterectomy, she told her doctor… Nana: “When these things are through being useful, they ought to dry up and fall off!”


In a discussion about cremation, Nana couldn’t decide if she wanted to be cremated or not. After thinking about for a while… Nana: “Oh, surprise me!”

He may need to see The Doctor…

Nana: “Did you see Pat’s T-shirt with the guy running out of the outhouse?” NT: “That’s not an outhouse! It’s a phone box.” Nana: “It doesn’t look like he just finished a phone call. It looks like he saw somebody in there.”

Christmas bunnies

Nana: “The rabbits were all piled up they looked like a Christmas tree! They didn’t know who they were trying to get pregnant. I’ve never seen such action before in my life!”

Sheet happens

Nana: “Take Kristian’s sheet over to the house.” NT: “His what?” Nana: “His sheet.” NT: “His what?” Nana: “His sheet! S-H-I-T sheet!”