In Memory of Ruth Nihan Konecki

FALMOUTH – Ruth Nihan Konecki, 93, of Field Road, Falmouth, widow of Dr. John T. Konecki, retired nurse, and beloved family matriarch known as “Super Nana,” died at home on March 29, 2014 in the company of her family and following a lengthy illness. The only daughter of George and Annie Katherine (Rogers) Nihan, Ruth […]

Irish or Chinese?

Jenny: Nana, this is my good friend Kathleen. Nana: Ohh, that’s a good strong Irish name, are you Irish? Kathleen: Me? No, haha, I’m Chinese Nana: Ohh! Have you met Chinese Mark?

Don’t eat cheap sushi

Nana: “What’d you have for lunch?” MT: “I got some sushi. I’ve been eating a lot of it lately.” Nana: “Can’t you afford some real food? Oh dear, let me get you some money.”

The Turtle and the Russian

MT: [lists all the John Thomases and Thomas Johns] Nana: “…and I got one that’s somethin’ to do with a turtle. And a Russian. Svet Svet Svet. It’s SVETlana.”

Stuff My Siri Says

Showing Nana Siri… MT: “Nana watch this. Siri, I need to poop.” Siri: “I’m sorry, I don’t see any public bathrooms near you.” Nana: “OH! Mary that’s terrible… Do that again.”


Nana on turning 93: “I can’t believe how many cards and flowers I got. I thought all my friends were dead!”